Random Thoughts to Make You Smile

I think some mornings are just made for randomness…and that’s what I’m bringing you today.

It kind of feels like fall in Dallas. Notice I used kind of. Last week we had a cold front and it really did feel like fall, but this weekend, it was hot again. So, kind of. It’s not 100 degrees, but it gets in the upper 80’s. I can’t officially switch over to my fall fashion palette without it being at least 70. Consistently.

I started listening to Christmas music this week. I’ve been wanting to listen to it for a while. A Christmas song crept into my Pandora playlist and now I’m hooked. So hooked that I’ve checked to see when the Christmas music station in Dallas will start playing it. Dallas friends, that date is November 17! And sure enough friends, as I am writing this post I noticed that another song crept in the playlist. How fun!

I’ve decided that I’ve become of the age where I should probably wear makeup regularly.  I don’t need to have a full face, but I could use a little touch up here and there. I’ll just leave it at that.

Have you ever watched the television show, Bob’s Burgers? One of my students said that I remind him of the mom on that show? I watched it, and well…I kind of agree with him. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

I deleted Candy Crush from my phone. I’ve been on the same level for 4 months. Life needs to move on.

I think that’s gonna be it. What’s making you smile this week?


The African Dust Cloud

You won’t believe this.

I think the African Dust Cloud has come to Dallas.

No really. I do.

So earlier this summer, there really was an African Dust Cloud and its particles made their way to central and south Texas. In non-Texan speak that means San Antonio and Houston. Well…maybe Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Except I did not hear about it from anyone in Austin, so I’m not quite sure about them. Christie will know because she lives there. I think she will comment below this post if she knows about it.

I heard about the African Dust Cloud on a podcast between Big Mama and Boo Mama. They are mom bloggers who I stalk  whose blogs I read regularly. They are blogging friends and once every so often they host a podcast and chat. And stalkers readers like me can listen and laugh, because if they weren’t bloggers they’d be comediennes.

Big Mama (by the way, her real name is Melanie) lives in San Antonio. Earlier this summer, she mentioned on the podcast that there was a dust cloud in Africa and its particles came all the way to Texas and her allergies were acting up. I Googled it because I did think it sounded a little crazy (not so crazy that I wouldn’t use it myself) and wouldn’t you know it….she was right!

The very next week, I had a sinus infection. Then Cheryl‘s son’s allergies started acted up. And my kids’ allergies starting acting up. And Jada had a sinus infection. And I bet you had allergy and sinus problems, especially if you live in Dallas.

So I told Cheryl about the African Dust Cloud, and then I told her that it was true because Big Mama said it. I’ve found that sometimes if my source is another blogger, that establishes validity.

But there was nothing about African Dust Cloud in Dallas news. So I couldn’t write about it on the Best Southwest Moms Blog. Because we have journalistic blogging standards there.

Well now, a month has passed, but more friends have sinus issues. I know because they put it on Facebook. And second to mom bloggers, Facebook posts are the next best source a girl could have. At least when it comes to African Dust Clouds.

So I spent part of my evening researching the whole African Dust Cloud issue of 2013 and I couldn’t find anything. Well, anything that said we could suffer from it in Dallas. But I KNOW it’s there. Then I gave up because I didn’t want to promote this whole dust cloud thing if it wasn’t true.

But while I was scrolling on Facebook, I now see posts saying “Something going around,” and “I need new sinuses,” and “Benadryl is my friend.” And I want to tell them about the African Dust Cloud. I really do. Because I believe that even if there aren’t as many particles, we are still affected by it here in Dallas.

So that’s where I am with the African Dust Cloud. I’m curious though, how have your allergies acted this summer?